Michael Biggs

My Approach

Having worked for a couple of small startup consulting companies, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on some larger apps as well as build some smaller projects from the ground up. I was quickly exposed to and became proficient at many aspects of iOS development.

My priorities as a developer are usability (making sure the app is user-friendly and does what it’s supposed to) and clean code (making sure the code is well documented and ready for revision or collaboration).

At the end of the day, my job is to give the client what they ask for, but if I have suggestions or see ways that the product could be better, I won’t hesitate to weigh in.

Custom UI

Custom animation that changes to/from a functional TableView

This is a screen I built for a personal finance app. The client wanted the user's checking accounts to be displayed in a fan formation with the ability to expand and edit any account.

The tricky thing about this was that I wanted the functionality of UITableView, but the flexibility of a custom UIView.

I achieved this by actually having both a UITableView and a custom view that would match it exactly after the animation. By hiding one view and showing the other, it appears as if it is a single seamless view!

Custom tick slider

For this screen, I implemented a custom slider that builds off of UISlider, adding some additional features.

The standard slider doesn't have many options for labeling, and the client wanted a slider that was labeled with tick marks. In the final version, you can set the number of ticks, max and min numbers, and the units you want to use.

Custom tick slider

Selected projects

b·hyve, b·hyve pro, b·hyve lite (Orbit Irrigation)

I came onto this large project as a junior developer and worked on a number of aspects including:

Pit Boss Grilling (Dansons Grills)

I did the majority of the front-end development for this app, and also collaborated on the server model.

I-15 (Idaho Department of Transportation)

I architected and lead the development of this app from scratch to MVP. The app retrieves information from a server about traffic and construction, and allows users to plan optimal times to commute/travel.

Project Vortex (Teal Drones)