Michael Biggs

DIVE: Starpath
released Feb 6, 2018 on Steam

DIVE: Starpath is a 3D Runner set in space. It started as a 13-person team school project, but a few of us kept developing and refining it after graduating. Before releasing it we rebuilt nearly everything from scratch in order to improve the game's performance.

The game was developed in C# in Unity, and I did a lot of the engineering including:

  • all player mechanics (including a fun rotation ability) and custom gravity physics
  • architecting and developing MVC game management
  • level flow and level track spawning
  • camera script
  • custom sound/music manager
  • level checkpoints
  • Steam integration - achievements & user data persistence

I also handled a number of non-coding tasks, including some UI improvements, scene cleanup, and build submission to Steam.

I even got to design and record the sound effects, which was a fun change of pace!

It was a true labor of love for those of us that stayed involved with the project.

Check it out on Steam if you're interested. It's free! ;)

released December 2014 here


Acronaut is a 2D platformer with a heavy emphasis on gameplay mechanics - in fact, there are no enemies in the game.

I'm a big fan of these kind of platformers, and while it is relatively simple, it turned out pretty well. I enjoy playing it, and had a great time implementing a variety of custom moves.

If you're interested, I also wrote an article explaining how I coded a number of the game's mechanics.

Check it out here or watch a playthrough video:

completed May 2015


Foglight is sort of an experimental 3D 'art' game.

It was a school project, and to be honest it didn't end up being very playable. The main problem with it was that the models used for the environments were way too detailed and resource intensive. Regardless, it was an interesting project to work on!

My main task was implementing a custom dialogue system that allowed the designer to easily put dialogue trees in the game. I also contributed to the gameplay, the audio system, and various other things.

Build downloads and more information is available here.